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Welcome Senior Parents!


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Welcome parents of Midd-West High School Seniors!

Class of 2020

Please review our online high school calendar located at: MWHS online calendar

Welcome to the Parent Website of 2020

Senior Portraits--Flyer

Class & Fundraising Files

Please use the shared folder by clicking here to see all important Senior files.

Class Song & Motto

Class Song "Good Riddance" by Green Day

The Class Motto "We cannot discover new oceans unless we have the courage to lose sight of the shore."

We Need You To Join Remind

Parents should join the group "@mwhs2020p" by texting "@mwhs2020p" to 81010
Seniors should join the group " @mw2020" by texting "@mw2020" to 81010

Information From Previous Parents & Documents:

Video Shots (Graduation DVDs)
C/O Glenn Stuck
5715 Route 204
Selinsgrove, PA 17870

Mock Creations
Chip Mock Caricature Artist
2521 Buchenhorst Road
State College, PA 16801
$175 per hour for 2 hours ($350 minimum)
$100 each additional hour
(Could have used a 4th hour!)

West Branch Rentall

R & T Grilling
Bar-b-que chicken
$3.00 half/wrapped

The Parents of 2014 have provided notes and details about their party.
Please view them online: 2014 Parent Group Report


The Parents of 2013 have provided notes and details about their party.
Please view them online: 2013 Parent Group Report


The Parents of 2012 have a few suggestions for the senior parents planning upcoming grad night celebration:

1. Keep $100 for after the evening is over…we found that we had to pay for some things that were missing at the end of the night, which came out of our pockets! If it’s not needed, donate it to the upcoming senior class for their grad night.
2. Time – seemed as though the time of the celebration might have been a bit too long? We noticed that most of the kids were done around 3:00 a.m. Not sure how you would handle this….it’s a terrible time to send kids home…just something to think about for future celebrations.
3. Change the registration form. It was entirely too complicated for everyone!! Too much paperwork with duplicate information…simplify!!

Class Trip Students - Stay Eligible!

When is the next eligibility check?  The next eligibility check will be done at least 10 school days before the Senior Class Trip.  The third marking period will determine your trip eligibility.  Remember to bring in excuses for all absences.

It is important that you as a senior signed up to go on the Senior Class Trip understand the eligibility requirements that affect you. Please read this list CAREFULLY and ask if you have any questions!

Eligibility will be determined by the athletic director, attendance secretary, and the assistant principal seven days prior to the trip.
• You may not be failing more than one core course or a total of two credits
• Behavior guidelines must be followed according to the handbook
• Students MUST be present the entire day the day after the trip or provide a medical excuse for any absence

Parents Documents

Previous parents have gracefully provided all of their documents for the current classes' use.

2018-19 parent documents.
2017-18 parent documents.
2016-17 parent documents.
2015-16 parent documents.
2014-15 parent documents.
2013-14 parent documents.
2012-13 parent documents.
2011-12 parent documents.
2010-11 parent documents.
2009-10 parent documents.
2008-09 parent documents.
2007-08 parent documents.
2006-07 parent documents.
2005-06 parent documents.


Phone:  (570-837-0046)

Mrs. Stugart--Head Advisor jstugart@mwsd.cc Ext: 2627 English Teacher
Mr. Bainbridge bainbridge.shawn@mwsd.cc Ext: 2624 English Teacher
Miss Gaugler kgaugler@mwsd.cc Ext: 2609 Spanish Teacher